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A downloadable game for Windows



A beautiful cube-like art style on a push block puzzle game with no hand holding! Find the solutions on your own, with only the games controls explained to you.


You play as "Boku", a cube bunny on a quest to save another bunny girl "Kimi" solving puzzle levels as you get closer and closer.

This a demo?

This is a prototype demo of the full copyrighted game that is still in development. You can follow development here on my development twitter:

Please send any feedback to or post below at the bottom of this page.

Controls?: (Also explained In-Game)

WASD Keys: Move

Space: Jump

E Key: Rotate Camera

F Key: Restart Level

Twitter: @TheeWhiteReaper


Install instructions

1) Unzip the game into a new folder

2) Click on the Bokube Demo.exe

3) Use the full-screen native res- of your PC.

4) Select "Fantastic" for best quality graphics and enjoy.


Download (173 MB)


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Played this new update version a bit! It's much better in terms of not needing to squint at the screen so much, and other stuff I'd mentioned elsewhere! Keep playing with it and see what ideas are worth keeping and what you might want to recycle from other games, yeah? I can still see a lot of potential in this.

Any negatives with it so I can improve it further? :)

I'd say the perspective and camera are still frustrating to work with, especially because the levels seem designed to confuse the eyes and have stuff get in the way of your vision. I can think of a couple ideas that could help but it's better if you go your own way, yeah?

Other than that I don't have much to say, I kinda got scared off because my computer BSOD'd when I quit the game...

Alright sorry to hear. What are your specs by the way? I'v been trying to omptize the game more.